3 Year Hardware Warranty

Welsh Computers offer a three year warranty on all refurbished computers which only covers hardware e.g the hard drive, the screen, the motherboard or anything you could physically touch. The warranty does not include cover for software such as drivers, programs or operating systems.
The warranty does not include accidental damages. If there is a hardware fault that cannot be fixed you are entitled to a replacement laptop of equal or greater value (up to a maximum of two replacements) including data transfer.
Your receipt/invoice is proof of your warranty, it is three years from the date on the receipt/invoice your warranty expires. No proof of purchase means no warranty so please keep your receipt! On every device we sell is a warranty sticker – this is to prevent tamperting. No warranty sticker means no warranty so please don’t tamper with it!
It is in our sole discretion to carry out repairs and replacements. We will not tolerate rude or aggressive behaviour, online or in person. We will always do our best to help where possible.